Pet First Aid Kit – A Handy Checklist For Pet Owners

As a pet person, it is truly essential to have a fundamental medical aid pack convenient if there should be an occurrence of any pet crises. Utilize this agenda to make your Pets emergency treatment pack.

Contact Data

Veterinary/Crisis facility telephone numbers

Creature Toxic substance wound glue telephone numbers:1-(888)- 4ANIHELP (426-4435),1900-680-0000 (There is a charge calling one of these numbers)

Clinical Supplies

Sterile dressing cushions (3″ x 3″ and 2″ X 2″) and cloth swathe rolls (1″ and 2″): For wrapping wounds or gagging the harmed creature

Flour/Baking Powder or corn starch: utilized for halting toe nail draining whenever torn or cut excessively off

Little Oral needle: used to control medicine

Cotton,Clean towels: utilized for cleaning

Rectal thermometer: utilized with ointment, for example, mineral oil rectally assuming that fever is thought

Nutri-Cal, Vitacal, or Nutristat: utilized as a Wholesome enhancement


1. Benadryl Fluid 25 mgll ml (tsp) Tablet/case 25 mg

Utilized for hypersensitive responses and gentle sedation.

Portion: 1mg per pound of body weight (for example 25 lbs canine would get one tablet or teaspoon). Can be given each 8 horns.

2. Bayer Kids’ Headache medicine (81 mg)

Utilized for less than overwhelming agony or fever.

Portion: Give I tablet per 40 lbs body weight like clockwork.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

Used to actuate regurgitating.

Call Specialist prior to directing

4. Imodium Promotion

Utilized for loose bowels

Portion: 1 tablet for each 30 pounds of body weight

5. Pepto-Bismol

Utilized for spewing and loose bowels

Portion: I teaspoon per 5 pounds of body weight. NOT Really for Felines!

6. Cortisone cream

Utilized topically for rashes, bug chomps, scraped areas or cuts

7. Honey or Karo Syrup

Utilized in little pets for hypoglycemia (low glucose).

Call Specialist prior to directing

8. Eye wash or Saline Arrangement

Used to flush eyes if there should be an occurrence of unfamiliar body or aggravation in eye.

If it’s not too much trouble, Note: Consistently check with your vet prior to giving any sort of drug to your pet. Additionally, Try to check the termination dates on drugs like clockwork.

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